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Stemless Wine Glasses. 'Hosking' (460ml) 4x Glasses

Stemless Wine Glasses. 'Hosking' (460ml) 4x Glasses

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  • Ultra-clarity lead free crystal
  • Dishwasher safe for 1000+ cycles
  • Contemporary and informal styling

Anders & White Hosking - Set of 4 European crystal stemless wine glasses.

‚ÄėHosking‚Äô¬†stemless wine glasses are designed for use with red, white and all varietals, but are also a popular choice as premium glassware for water and gin and tonics, too.
Stemless wine glasses have a more contemporary and informal appearance than classical stemware. Although in premium European crystal, 'Hosking' is still undeniably special.

  • Lead free crystal containing no toxins or pollutants.
  • Dishwasher safe for 1000+ Washes.
  • The dimpled, non-slip base provides stability in the wildest party.
  • Made with ultra-clear crystal for unparalleled brilliance and sparkle.
  • Modern and informal¬†design for decades of use with wine water and spirits.
  • Our factory: Crafting stunning Crystal since 1892.
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  • Contemporary styling

    Superb clarity.

    A wide bowl to aerate the wine.

    A narrow mouth that allows aromas to rise and intensify.

    And a contemporary, informal aesthetic to be proud of.

  • Stemless Crystal Wine Glasses. European. Lead Free. 'Hosking' (460ml) 4x Glasses - Anders & White

    Suitable for red, white & rosé

    The multi-purpose, versatile wine glass.

    At home with any varietal of wine and also an ideal water glass.

    The dimpled base nicely cradles ice cubes or a lemon slice with your water, soft drink, gin and tonic etc.

  • Stemless Crystal Wine Glasses. European. Lead Free. 'Hosking' (460ml) 4x Glasses - Anders & White

    Superior clarity for 1000+ dishwasher cycles

    Crystal is stronger than glass and able to sustain more use.

    Hosking is designed to remain crystal clear and distortion free for 1000+ cycles through a dishwasher.

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Since 1892

Founded in 1892 by a Viennese Glass company, our factory has been crafting glass and crystal ever since...

... and remains one of Europe's largest and most innovative producers today.