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HOSKING Stemless Champagne Flute Glasses. Set of 4 Glasses. (230ml / 7.8oz)

HOSKING Stemless Champagne Flute Glasses. Set of 4 Glasses. (230ml / 7.8oz)

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European Lead Free Crystal

Our Factory has been crafting high quality crystal in Europe since 1892.
Founded originally by Viennese artisans, it remains a leader in crystal design and manufacture to this day.

Thin Laser Edged 1mm Rim

The thickness of the rim on a glass provides a quick understanding of its quality.

Thick is cheap. Fine is good.

Hosking has a fine 1mm rim.
You can sense the quality with every sip.

Dimpled Base for Stability

The thick dimpled base ensures that Hosking is strong and sturdy and won't slide when placed on a wet surface.

... It also adds character and makes the glass suitable for use with other beverages that use ice... such as a gin and tonic.

Flawless Clarity | Zero Colour | High Shine

'Hosking' crystal is made with the same techniques as scientific and photographic lenses.

This means they have flawless levels of clarity. Zero colour and high shine and brilliance.

Dishwasher Safe & Scratch Resistant

Dishwashing is the No1 cause of scratched glassware.
A&W glassware is dishwasher safe for 1000+ cycles meaning your glasses stay beautiful longer.

Our glasses are also microwave safe.


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Cool, Contemporary Bubbles

A more modern approach. Less traditional. But also very portable - the perfect glassware for a champagne at a picnic.

No more hand washing!

All our glassware is dishwasher safe for over 1000 cycles.

That's a lot of time NOT spent at the sink.

Since 1892

Founded in 1892 by a Viennese Glass company, our factory has been crafting glass and crystal ever since...

... and remains one of Europe's largest and most innovative producers today.

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Have Questions?
We Have Answers.

What material are the glasses made of?

The glasses are made from lead free crystal. Our crystal is toxin and pollutant free.

Are the glasses dishwasher safe?

Yes. Unlike most high calibre crystal glasses, ours are dishwasher safe for 1000+ washes.

What are the exact dimensions and capacity?

Capacity - 230ml or 7.8oz

Height - 14 cm 5.5 inches

Widest diameter - 5.8cm 2.3 inches

How are the glasses packaged to prevent damage during shipping?

The glasses come in sets of 4, which are contained in e-commerce ready thick carton packaging. These cartons are then packed into a shipping carton which includes filling to cushion the product.

Where are these glasses manufactured?

The glasses are made in Europe (in Slovakia) in a factory world famous for the quality of its crystal.
The factory has produced pieces used in the White House and Buckingham Palace.

What is your return policy?

We offer a 30 days return policy. If you're unhappy with the product, please return it to us (unused) for a refund.

What happens if the product is broken on arrival?

We'll send a replacement item, free of charge, straight away!