Practical Luxury

About 10 years ago, I was given a set of wine glasses as a gift.
They were lovely - Big round glasses that were perfect for a big red wine.

I rarely used them...
They were too big.
They needed to be hand-washed.
They weren't any good with white wine.
They were hard to store in the kitchen cabinet.

That's why Anders & White create products that are luxurious and high quality.
And... are are also practical enough to be used every day.

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Based in Balmain, Sydney

We're a family owned and operated business, based in Balmain, Sydney. Balmain is our home.

Our products are sold in the US and Australia.
And warehoused in the US and Australia, too.

(This is Max - he loves Balmain too)

Universal is best!

Our glasses are high end crystal tasting glasses.
Our wine have the right features, shape and size to be used for all wine.
Red or white.
Sauvignon Blanc or Merlot.

Use them for a dinner party or watching Netflix.

Our dinnerware is pure white.
They'll match anything.
They aren't too fine or too thick - They're just right.
They are very tough and very durable.

They are Universal!

Precision made

Made to the highest US and Australian quality standards in factories using the most stringent quality management processes.

Our products are precise, not cheap and cheerful.

Global expertise

We work with factories of the highest calibre and expertise.
Our factories are the best of the best.

Our factories use cutting edge materials, technology and processes to make truly exceptional products.

Pleasing to the senses

Stunning appearance and durability.

High clarity, flawless crystal with fine 1mm thin walls.
High shine, pure white dinnerware, designed with the right thickness for maximum durability.