Dinnerware doesn't get any better

Our 'vegan' bone china is created for maximum durability and longevity.

It looks better and lasts longer.

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Boneless, Bone China

The thing that makes bone china so strong and resilient is actually bone.
Yes, animal bone...

Beef bone ash, to be precise!
It's mixed with porcelain clay to provide the characteristic toughness and lightness.
Bone ash constitutes up to 50%.

However, we replace the bone with Alumina - A natural mineral used in medical implants known for its safety and imperviousness.

All the durability... no bone, no bull!

Goldilocks china

Not too thick.
Not too thin.
Just right.

Our china is designed to be around forever.
Chip, scratch and crack resistant.
A nice everyday thickness that is at home at either family meals or dinner parties.

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Dinnerware doesn't get much better.

Cruelty free.

Tough, durable.

Beautiful to look at.

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